Key Atlanta Property Management Tips

Property Management in Atlanta is the process of proper maintenance and upkeep of a property. When renting out properties, the success of the landlord lies in their ability to keep the property updated and in good condition, and thereby earn more profitable income in their venture. Most often it could be underrated, though property maintenance spells a great difference in preserving its value for prolonged time. It also helps in building landlord’s eligibility given the competency they need to have in properly managing their business as in their rental property.

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Essential Tips For Your Atlanta Properties



For stress-free Atlanta property management, it is essential to understand responsibilities as a property owner. It incorporates getting acquainted with relevant laws and ordinances involved in rental properties. Enclose adequate insurance coverage to cover physical damage and related liabilities of the property.


When it comes to maintaining a rental property, one needs to make sure they go for regular cleanups and upkeep, especially in its cleanliness and sanitation. All those who have a property with rental units, they need to ensure that they get a regular cleaning done in the lobby, hallways, and other common areas that are accessed by all the tenants.Moreover, it is crucial that landlords allow a certain amount of the upkeep and maintenance, especially for unexpected and emergency repairs. Thus, it is important to have a substantial amount always ready at hand to promptly address the issues, especially those problems that need to be fixed without delay. Many times, serious damages and problems arise due to negligence.

Inspection Checklist

Property owners should make sure to have regular checks carried out to detect any potential defects and damages caused that require immediate repairs and maintenance. They need to maintain a reliable checklist on which they can base their management and utilize it as the basis to ascertain which part of the building requires what type of maintenance and repairs and so on. They should provide the same checklist to each of the tenants, who might have certain complaints and issues regarding their units. Whatever may be the issues, it is best to get them addressed as soon as possible. When carrying out a check, landowners need to be very specific in assessing every part of the building to detect any sources of leakage and moisture that might develop into mold infestation or other pest invasions. One should keep in mind that such elements could create major damage to the building and health problems for occupants.


Carefully screen all the rental property prospects in order to prevent property management and other problems. Acquire complete identification information like Identity card, Driving license or others. Attain a list of references having contact information to run a complete check to enhance and augment chances of receiving rent on time.

Written Agreement

Use a monthly rental agreement or lease system after confirming your understanding with a renter. Specify all details related to the handling of repair works and property management. In agreement clearly specify tenant names, occupancy limitation, agreement terms, required deposit, situations, and rent amount. Deposit one copy with yourself and another to the tenant.


Install and maintain all the implemented security systems for property in order to prevent property theft. Security ensures the safety of residents in a satisfactory way.

Property Access

Provide at least 24-hour notice prior to access your property for preparation of tenants. Check local laws in case more notice period is required.


Periodically surveys are the best to approach to acknowledge about the level of service provided to the tenants. Ask for suggestions or feedback to ensure tenants establish long term relationship.

Landlords in Atlanta can benefit and be contented with their property investment only if they follow proper and reliable above tips.

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