How to Deal with a Problematic Tenant

Rental investors are making good returns on their investments because the demand for housing has increased tremendously in the recent past and not everyone in the city can afford to buy a house. However, one of the biggest challenges for many landlords in the city is dealing with troublesome tenants. Many landlords do not know how to deal with difficult tenants and end up evicting them instead of solving the issues amicably. Here are basic tips on what landlords should do with a problematic tenant.

  1. Get To Know the Cause Of The Problems And Act Accordingly

The first thing to do as a landlord when dealing with a problematic tenant is to get to the root of the problem and act accordingly. If the problem is coming from your side as a landlord, then it is your responsibility to make sure your tenants are satisfied. If the tenant is the cause of the problem, you need to explain to him/her your dissatisfaction.

Always stay calm

  1. Give the Tenant a Warning Letter If He or She Continues To Be Problematic

In a situation where the tenant does not change for good, the second step is to give the tenant a warning letter stipulating the possible consequences. You need to make your intentions clear and let the tenant know that he/she could be evicted from the property. Remember to do everything in accordance with the tenancy agreement so that you may not get into more problems for violating their rights.

  1. Give the Tenant A Second Warning

A good tenant should not have problems giving a problematic a second warning letter before evicting them. After all, landlords make money from tenants and they should not be quick to evict them. The second warning letter gives the landlord a better ground in a situation whereby a tenant sues you for evicting them.

Issue a warning letter

  1. Seek Legal Help for Your Lawyer on Eviction Matters

Tenants in the city have laws that protect their interests, just like the landlords. It is important to seek legal aid from your lawyer if you do not understand the procedure of evicting tenants. Else, you might have problems with law enforcers for violating the rights of your tenants.

  1. Give the Tenant Eviction Notice As Required By the Law

The law requires that a landlord should give a tenant eviction notice before kicking them out of the property. This is very important so that the tenants can make arrangement on how to leave the property peacefully without too much drama. The eviction notice should be structured in conformity with the laws that protect tenants and landlords in the city.

  1. Get Your Keys Back and Let the Tenants Go

The last step is to let the problematic tenant out of your property and get your keys back. You need to inspect your property and make sure everything is in good condition before refunding the rental deposit to the tenant that you are evicting. In a situation where the tenant has done some damage to your property, you should make some deduction from the rental deposit to cover the repairs in accordance with the tenancy agreement.